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Life Path Foundations

This is a 9 week online and interactive course for people looking to grow further into spiritual, emotional, and physical practices. This course offers an overview of many healing and wellness foundations (including yoga and the Enneagram) that offer attendees an ability to learn what practices spark their purpose and growth more. The class is offered in multiple ways, offering group, one-on-one, and self paced learning.

As a student, I have over 30 years of experience learning the body, mind, and spirit modalities that I teach. Not only have I found these practices beneficial to my own wellness, but I have over my 17 years as a counselor offered these modalities to my clients as well. As a professor in online graduate programs, I know how to lead an online course in a way that is technologically professional and engaging. The course will be a fun way to explore many pathways to healing, learn about you, and allow you to connect with like minded people!

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