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The Enneagram & The True Self

This five-week online course will teach you the basics of The Enneagram in a supportive and engaging learning environment. No experience with The Enneagram necessary–show up with an open mind and heart!​

Here is what former students have shared about this course:

“In the past I was never comfortable in my own skin, feeling shame or disappointment because I was not the extroverted smiling person that society expects. Who I discovered is a more deeply feeling person who can relate to others from a place of empathy. Janys presents the class material in an engaging and flowing way. One of the parts I enjoyed most was meeting other types like myself and sharing our similar struggles and successes. It is wonderful to feel understood and accepted for who you are authentically. If you truly want to know who you are and why you do the things you do, take this class and meet your authentic self.”-Lisa 


“Janys is an excellent teacher, knowledgeable and inclusive. She used examples and metaphors that were germane to her students' experience and knowledge level. She offered us a great resource list and encouraged us to continue our exploration.” -Pamela 


“I understand myself and others on a deeper level and will take what I learned into my future career as a counselor. The approach to the subject was fantastic, it was based in self-discovery and relationship building. Highly recommend for anyone interested in personal growth and developing better relationships in all areas of their lives.” -Angela

​​​​​​​​​​​​About Janys- I am a certified Enneagram teacher (The Enneagram Spectrum), and I have 30 years of experience as a student in spiritual, counseling, and science-based systems of healing. All the modalities I teach in the course I have experienced myself as well as taught them to students or clients. This course will be creative, fast-paced, friendly, and enjoyable as I bring my inviting style of facilitating groups to the online classroom. I have extensive experience teaching online, and while I do have some brief lectures in the classroom or live time together will be built on discussing and interacting with other like-minded people! If you are ready for a class that will help you learn your relationship to change, focus on healing, and support your growth, then this course is a good match for you!

Begins March 6th, 2023. Space is limited so register today to save your spot!

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