Life Path Foundations

This is an 8 week online and interactive course for people looking to grow further into spiritual, emotional, and physical practices. This course offers an overview of many healing and wellness foundations (astrology, tarot, energy clearing, spiritual journeying) that offer attendees the ability to learn what practices spark their purpose and growth more. The class is offered in multiple ways, offering group, one-on-one, and self-paced learning.

About Janys- I have 30 years of experience as a student in spiritual, counseling, and science-based systems of healing. All the modalities I teach in the course I have experienced myself as well as taught them to students or clients. This course will be creative, fast-paced, friendly, and enjoyable as I bring my inviting style of facilitating groups to the online classroom. I have extensive experience teaching online, and while I do have some brief lectures in the classroom or live time together will be built on discussing and interacting with other like-minded people! If you are ready for a class that will help you learn your relationship to change, focus on healing, and support your growth, then this course is a good match for you!

Begins September 29th, 2022. Space is limited so register today to save your spot!

Life Path Foundations
Sep 29, 5:30 PM PDT