Enneagram Typing Sessions

Are you curious about the Enneagram, and how it can help you heal? I am a certified Enneagram teacher, and use this knowledge with my counseling skills to help people grow more into awareness about themselves and others. A one-time typing session (or a package of two) can help you learn your type, and how this connects to your ultimate healing. Initial sessions include a formal typing instrument as well as interpretations, and an interview that is individualized to help you meet your needs. Upon registration, you will be sent a test, as well as a one-time appointment. Please specify if you are looking for support with healing, career, relationships to help me guide your session. The initial session is $175 (includes testing) and the follow-up is $140, or purchase both together for $300. I also offer an introductory course once a year.


Clinical Supervision

I am an approved supervisor for Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associates (LMHCA) as well as a social worker and marriage and family therapy associate in Washington State. I am happy to work with you on your licensing hours and encourage you to find another licensee to share your supervision time with to reduce the hourly cost which is $140 per 50-minute session (triadic supervision). Please contact me to receive a copy of my supervision contract. We can discuss this over our initial session which I require prior to working towards your licensing hours. I also offer a monthly consult group for counselors on the Enneagram.


I offer individual healing sessions by appointment. My healing sessions are based on my experience in yoga, yoga therapy, tarot, astrology, the Enneagram, and most of all shamanic healing. At this time I only offer appointments on Saturdays. Once you have registered, I will call you for a brief consultation about your appointment. I set up a healing altar for you as part of your healing session. Please wear comfortable clothing for your appointment. Sessions usually last 2 hours, and this includes an outtake where we talk about the healing session, and I offer resources for integration. The cost for the session is $295. I also offer an 8-week online course where you can learn how to use some of these healing practices for your own growth Life Path Foundations, and I cover some of the yoga healing practices in my course Yoga for Mental Health.